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Piece of cake

Design by Okko and Maria Johansson.

Pieceofcake, acoustic art wall panels.
Depending on the acoustic and estethic
requirements the manufacturing and
assembly of the panels is possible in different materials.

Alu Tex Textile is an acoustic fabric stretched over an aluminum frame filled with 50 cm of acoustic elements.

aPerf is Frameless acoustic panels, made out of 25-aPerf® toxicologically harmless, mostly recycled polyester,
100 % recycable and nonallergic.

Standard sizes: 

w 1200 x h 1200 x d 25 mm

w 1000 x h 1000 x d 25 mm

w 800 x h 800 x d 25 mm

Also available in customized sizes and in  a wide range of colour and pattern combinations.


product sheet