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Soft Sound

Design by Anna Spakowska

Soft Sound is a series of handmade 3D
acoustic panels.

Their role is to accent the beauty of the space and provide acoustic improvement at
the same time. It is a perfect solution for
public as well as private spaces where each
design pattern can bring a unique character to the room.

Through its sculptural value with different lights settings (day or night) Soft Sound
gives incredible variety of effects. Particular lighting can transform the mood of the
space and from each angle is perceived

Each shape came to life from a simple form of a circle and is stitched to a
panel by hand.

Soft Sound panels are made with a high
quality 100% wool felt and cotton attached
to a wooden frame using no glue or any
artificial substances making it a fully
sustainable product. To broaden the colour spectrum a polyester modules version is
also available making it possible to either morph with the space or accentuate it and
became an art piece in itself.

The size of the panel can be easily adjusted to the space needs covering the whole
wall, or ceiling, or act as a beautiful painting panel.
The material is simple to maintain by using soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

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